Interpreting means to transfer an oral text into an other language.

My working languages
Spanish, Catalan, German, English

During simultaneous interpretation, the translated speech is rendered at the same time as the original with the aid of conference interpreting equipment. Generally, interpreters work in pairs in order to take turns after a maximum of 30 minutes. This mode is especially convenient for multilingual conferences.

In whispered interpretation, the interpreter sits or stands close to  his or her listeners (2 at the most) and interprets simultaneously without any technical equipment. This mode is used when only a few participants do not understand the main language in use, for example during a business meeting.

When using consecutive interpretation, the original speech is delivered in logical segments of up to 10 minutes while the interpreter takes notes. Then the interpreter faithfully reproduces the speech in the other language. This mode ist ideal for festive speeches or presentations in a bilingual context.

Liaison interpretation is best used in interactive situations, e.g. business negotiations. It consists in interpreting consecutively or whispering shorter speech turns.

Conference interpreters are bound to the principle of absolute confidentiality!

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